Discover Zanzibar

Jozani Forest

A trip to the nearby Jozani Forest National Park is definitely worthwhile. Here, among other things, you can observe the red colobus monkey, which is only found in Zanzibar.  

Stone Town

Stone-Town, a World Heritage Site since 2000, is worth a visit with its bustling life and exotic markets. It is famous for its cultural heritage, from Persian, Arabic and Indian influences.


We are happy to arrange a snorkelling tour for our guests right from our front door. With a classic Dhou we go out to the sea to discover the underwater world.

Spice Tour

The "Lipstick Tree" is just one example of the great variety of botanical exotics that can be discovered on the spice farms here in Zanzibar. A visit is certainly recommended.

We help to organise excursions

Whether Jozani-Forest, Stone-Town or Spice-Tour to name just a few examples. Zanzibar has a lot to offer and there are many other worthwhile excursions. We are happy to help our guests with the planning.