About us 

Kiota means nest in Swahili and so our villa is framed between the small village of Paje and the Indian Ocean.

Our villa is built in Swahili style and was renovated by us in 2019.                          In our renovation, we made it a point to have a lot of things made here locally so that as much money as possible goes back to the people. 
Our aim is to be ecologically, economically and socially sustainable.   For example, the entire furniture was made by local carpenters according to our ideas, the mosquito nets were sewn for us by a local tailor, and so on.  
The ingredients for our breakfast are almost exclusively bought locally and we try to use products that are produced in Zanzibar as much as possible. 
Villa Kiota is only a stone's throw away from the sea, so the sea breeze can blow through the rooms and we could consciously do without air conditioning. Our laundry dries outside in the air, if possible we refrain from changing towels and bed linen every day.                                                                      We want to do without plastic as much as possible. For this reason, we offer our guests, among other things, to fill up their water in glass bottles at a low price.

Our guests will not find any excessive luxury. We aim to offer our guests a relaxed atmosphere for a restful holiday.  We are always available for our guests and are also happy to help arrange excursions.

Only a stone's throw away is the Indian Ocean with its fascinating turquoise waters. The fine sandy beach in Paje is one of the most beautiful beaches in Zanzibar.   
 Paje is known for its water sports activities, especially the kiters love the constant good wind here.  There are good kite schools offering courses for beginners and advanced. Low tide and high tide offer a delightful change, at high tide it is wonderful to swim, at low tide you can discover a lot. 

There are many small restaurants, in a wide variety of tastes and price ranges, waiting to spoil their guests.
Strolling through Paje, you get a good insight into the daily life of the Zanzibari people, who are known for their hospitality. Paje is well developed for tourists, and apart from restaurants, you will find several small supermarkets, numerous fruit stalls selling a wide variety of tropical fruits, a pharmacy and much more.                                                                                                It is easy to rent bicycles, scooters or even a car.


Take a deep breath, leave everyday life behind for a little while.  Enjoy the day, maybe just collect shells on the beach, or take a kite course, there are many ways to spend your holiday here in Paje. In our tropical little garden, relax in the shade and just let your mind wander.
Wake up in the morning to the sound of the sea and let us spoil you with a delicious breakfast.
Thus strengthened, discover Zanzibar with all its beauty and the small and big adventures.

We are waiting for you